Bollywood History | History Of Indian Cinema

Hello friends, we are going to talk today Hindi Cinema Bollywood History Bollywood does not need any identity in today's time Films made in the Bollywood industry are preferred throughout the world Well India has already been a country of art and artist
But since most of the world's chinera world, it has made a different identity in the logo And today we will talk about the  history of this Hindi cinema in this article How it started and how the Bollywood industry earned its name

Hindi Cinema Bollywood History

Bollywood History | History Of Indian Cinema

Bollywood name Mumbai's old name is composed of Bombay and its film industry Hollywood.However, there are many other film industries in India like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Bhojpuri and Punjabi similar and many more
But along with earning more money, most of the films are made in Bollywood or Hindi cinema industry.And you can accurately predict this Fact that in 1986, total 1986 films were made in India.Of which 364 films are of Bollywood only
The word Bollywood came about in the 70's, when India left behind America in making film But it was a startup that Kai had already started Hindi cinema in India when the first silent movie called Raja Harishchandra came in 1913 And this film was the only full-length feature film in India, and after a few years of the film, the Bollywood industry began to become about 200 films every year till 1930.Although this round was going on for silent films In 1931, the first voice film was also made in India,  which was named Alam Ara, the film was very promising.I am going to give my music films either a new song or a Hindi film or any other Indian language that I am going to film with as much love as possible.Bollywood's first color film was made in 1937 by Kishan Kanhaiya
I was able to talk to me in some way that I did not know what I was doing at the world war 2, I did not like the progress of the film or the entire picture or the entire film industry is different from the movie.
I did not get too much time in the movie, even in the time of Khoj log social media, I could not get too much support, or in 1947, I was separated from India, Jain's Buddha, but also a different artist, I could run a different country, I live, Giani Mohammad Rafi, Prithviraj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar, and Dev Anand Jaisa Bade Nam Shamil Dha I have been able to add 60 of the 60 films that I have ever seen in a
Bollywood film or it is a Bollywood film or a Golden Era.For the first time, in 1957, Mahabob Kha's film, Mother India, was awarded the Academy Award i.e. Oscar-winning movies Bollywood
But the unfortunate one vote could not win this award because of less votes The Bollywood industry has been working in India for the Indian actress as it has been a part of the Indian film industry that has been very different from that of the Hindi film industry or the actress of the industry. I am very happy that I did not even work from Bollywood industry.
However, over time, the thinking of the people changed and then every class of society started trying their talents in this industry. 70 is a Bollywood film based on the underworld, romance, action, comedy that makes the film a big hit and has been a Bollywood Movie ever since.
Let's go to the world with the name of the world, I am going to make a mark in the world.For the 1983 release film song, I am honored for the best costume design award. I am a part of the film, the productions, the production of films made by the producers of films, and the release of films by the producers of the film, or by the Hindi film industry, are also available from Bollywood movies.The Indian film industry has always been the focus of this film since it has a long history of furlough, and it has long been known that its logo has not been signed by anybody.
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